Let’s Taco ‘Bout Food

Welcome back to my blog my fellow hangries! This week I decided to create a dish that is beef-based, and as always will be something easy and quick to make after a long day at the office or class!

This week we are going to talk about Taco Salad!

There are many different ways to make Taco Salad. The following recipe is my very favorite!

To start, you will take a a pound of beef and place it in a pan. The eye of the oven should be at a medium heat. (Anything higher will burn the meat, anything lower will just make the time of cooking the meal longer.) While you are cooking the meat, be sure that you split the meat so it can cook all the way through.

While the meat is cooking, empty your taco seasoning packet into the pan and add relatively 1/2-3/4 of a cup of water. The amount of water that you add depends on the size of your pan, just because there are many different types of pans.

Let the meat cook for about 6 minutes. Let the meat get brown, there should not be any pink left in the pan. Make sure that you are stirring the meat during it’s time in the pan.

While your meat is cooking, take head of lettuce (whichever size you like!) and cut it up. Take that collection of lettuce and put it in a large mixing bowl.

The next thing to add to the mixing bowl is the cheese! Add about 2 cups of cheese, but if you’re me and just really like cheese, add as much as you want! (You’re buying the meal anyway, right?)

By this time, the meat is more than likely done. Add that next! After you have added the meat, you can then add the chips to the mix. Have fun with this step! You can use Doritos, regular tortilla chips, flavored tortilla chips, whatever you like!

After that, add the Catalina salad dressing, this tops off the meal! Cover to your own liking, this dressing is going to add a nice twang to your taco salad.

Picture retrieved from Taste of Home‘s website. 

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